Tips to spice up your sex life

Everyone knows that sex is the foundation of a fulfilling life together. You can spice up your sex life, with three times nothing, just by changing the routine. So what are the ways to spice up your sex life?

Send each other naughty messages and photos during the day

There is nothing more exciting to plan a great sex party than building up the sexual pressure all day long. This is a pretty effective method when the couple works several miles apart. Through messages, describe to your partner in a few words what you think you'll do to him when you get home in the evening, what lingerie you have, the state you're in when you think of him, etc. 

However, you should avoid being too explicit to let him imagine things, and make erotic movies in his head, because all the charm of this game lies in the imagination of the other, which you will put to the test. However, you can send him naughty pictures by MMS or by mail, to make him impatient, even if it leaves less room for imagination. For a guaranteed effect, bet on the blur, the suggested rather than the real and raw.

Turn up the heat with sexy outfits 

Here's another way to warm up and make the intimate moment even crazier,more intense, and more beautiful. Whether it's in a restaurant, at a party, or a dinner party, show up in an ultra-sexy outfit and give him one of those looks that leaves no man indifferent and that only you can do. Turn him on as if it were your first meeting. 

Better yet, if you're one-on-one, let him know that you forgot to put on underwear. He can't be indifferent to this because the effect of this little revelation shouldn't be long in coming. During the whole evening, he will think of nothing else. He will be in a hurry to go back home, so it is up to you to make the suspense last without abusing it. All this promises a great night together once you're alone and he can finally check if you're naked underneath.