My partner is a premature ejaculator: What to do?

Some men find it difficult to resist during sexual intercourse. They ejaculate very quickly and thus frustrate their partners. But what to do when your partner is a premature ejaculator? How can you help him?

Have a frank discussion with him to reassure him 

Premature ejaculation is an ailment that affects men who suffer from it enormously. When you have a partner who suffers from it, it is important to help him talk about it. Through a constructive dialogue help him to talk about his suffering and how he feels and how he experiences this situation. Very often, the fact that he ejaculates very quickly is not the problem. But it is the man's silence or denial of the situation that is the most dangerous. 

As soon as you can get your partner to talk about his feelings, find the right words to reassure him. Reassure him that it is not inevitable. Many men have successfully overcome this condition and he can get through it with the right treatment. 

Adopt new sexual behaviors 

Sex is not porn. It's not about hours of penetration. It's about spending a lot of time with foreplay. This allows the two of you to enjoy each other. Moreover, during the penetration, it is necessary to vary the rhythm of the comings and goings and to make pauses by moment. This allows to delay his ejaculation and to extend the duration of the intercourse.

It should also be noted that the sexual act is not limited to penetration. If a man is a premature ejaculator, the couple can opt for other practices such as fellatio, cunnilingus or the use of sex toys. 

Help him seek medical attention 

Many premature ejaculators do not like to seek medical attention, probably because of shame or selfishness.  When suffering from premature ejaculation, it is best to go to a doctor for prompt treatment. There are many treatments that can help cure this condition. Seeing a doctor can also provide many practical tips on how to get rid of the condition and enjoy a fulfilling sexual life.