Lesbians, consequences of exhibitionism

There are eight known paraphilias. Among them are fetishism, voyeurism, pedophilia, frotteurism, masochism and exhibitionism. These are sexual practices considered disorders when they affect the psychological state of the practitioner. What are the consequences of exhibitionism? 

What is exhibitionism? 

It is a particularly disturbing sexual practice in the sense that the exhibitionist does not come alone. They have to show their genitals to a complete stranger before they feel pleasure. The people who are most often victims of this sexual act are children and women. 

However, no desire to have sex with the victim is noticed. For this reason, it is rare to find that exhibitionists commit rape or are victims of new particular disorders. It is important for better understanding not to confuse exhibition and exhibitionism. The exhibition is not a sexual practice like exhibitionism. 

How do you recognize a person suffering from exhibitionism? 

There are two main factors that characterize an exhibitionist. The exhibitionist is very often subject to very crazy and exciting sexual acts. In particular, the exhibitionist is not ashamed to be naked. This disorder is clinically considered a psychological illness or paraphilia when it is carried out for a minimum period of six months. 

Secondly, this behavior, which is not very understandable, causes numerous disturbances in the victim's relationships. Both in professional and social relationships, exhibitionism leads to unusual deviances. 

In addition, most of the time, exhibitionists are not very sociable and have impulsive characteristics. The people most affected by this disorder are often adolescents with an inferiority complex. 

What treatment is appropriate for exhibitionism? 

At present, there is no clinical treatment for exhibitionism. Nevertheless, psychological rebalancing is necessary. It consists of several therapies to turn the exhibitionist's inclination towards another type of sexual fantasy that is much more convenient. It is also possible to use hormone-based medication.